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What’s the difference between horror, thriller and crime? Why will your overall writing improve if you master thriller mechanics? What makes a good horror premise? Who is reading these scripts anyway? How do you overcome writer’s block? What are the tricks and traps of the trade? How do you transform an idea you are obsessing over into a film script? And why shouldn’t you trust a writer who likes to write?

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL is a condensed online course and project development workshop tailored for genre writers, specifically crime, horror and thriller. Participants are encouraged to attend with a project they are developing, but can also apply without one.

The course is designed as a hands-on, practical walkthrough of the screenwriting process, from crafting an original idea to transforming it into an industry-standard formatted script.

PRICE: £159

DATES: 27-28-29-30-31 October 2021



+44 (0) 7876 501 538



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