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"Following the expected success of his inaugural and internationally acclaimed feature thriller; AV The Hunt, this new to London trilingual writer and director is confirmed as one to watch.
The results show Emre Akay has a firm grasp of his narrative and characters, owning an inherently natural directing ability awash with the best of contemporary cinematic style.
Emre possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of making a good film and leads a creative hub of consultancy services collaborating with stakeholders here in London."

James Pearson  -Senior Producer (
"We have collaborated with Mr. Akay on a TV series for a digital platform. A 6-episode comedy about the sexual adventures of a woman mourning her mother's recent death, “For your Own Good” was completed in two months, and we were astounded by Akay’s precise input, structural control and sense of humor. A great consultant to work with."
Armagan Lale - Producer, Filmada (

"Emre Akay assisted us in the development of a 3-season historical TV-series. His knowledge of history and attention to detail, as well as his eagerness for research made him an ideal fit for the project."
Marsel Kalvo - Producer, Mars Film (

"Akay has been guiding and consulting us on various creatiive texts and short commercial scripts. A very good consultant with a sharp mind and solid grasp of three languages."
Seco - Owner, A Curious Brand (

"I have used Mr. Akay and Darlingo’s services in developping various projects for film and TV. His input has always been valuable and made development hell much easier and fun!"
Eli Kasavi - Writer/Director


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